Completely off the subject, but something all young parents and caretakers of young children should read.

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The World As I See It

The following is a public service announcement from one parent to another.

Please remember to enforce the buddy system with your children. If you cannot be there to keep an eye on them, as they play in the neighborhood or run the streets, be sure they are NEVER alone.

If you haven’t noticed, kidnappings are on the rise. Most kidnappings are linked to pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice, and child-sex-ring crimes. Because our country, on a whole, turned a blind eye in the 80’s and 90’s, claiming victims were relaying “false memories”, further victimizing the victims of such abuse, the practices have ever-widened in the darkness.

Fast Forward two decades and we have a giant web encompassing our country. Combine that with demonic possession, and filthy hands in the highest positions and one thing can be gleaned. OUR KIDS ARE NOT SAFE UNLESS THEY ARE SAFE WITH US!!!


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