Bio: So you want to know about me, eh? Well, I'll give you the basics, and you will have to figure out the rest on your own. I've been married to the father of our four boys for going on 18 years. We are rooted deep in the heart of Texas and are pretty simple country folk. We love God, good music, hunting, fishing, hiking, and family fun. I've been a butcher, a baker and a candle stick maker, at least once in my life, among many other occupations and hobbies. I just love to learn new things and new skills and that's really the plan for me...keep on learnin', lovin', and livin' until the good Lord decides my time is up. Hope you enjoy yourself and find yourself smiling at some point while reading about some of our newest adventures and experiences. kickinchickengardenpickin.wordpress.com/ Vaya con Dios!

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    • When the incubator is as full as it was that round, we have to rotate them ourselves, so they get marked with a positive and a negative sign so we can keep track of rotation. They have to be rotated twice a day and need humidity and 100 degrees F to incubate properly.

    • I thought I replied to this, but just in case I didn’t, because I couldn’t find the comments, I will reply again…

      When the incubator is as full of eggs as it was this particular round, we have to hand rotate. They are marked with a positive and negative side, so we can better keep track of rotation. To properly incubate, the eggs need humidity (you can see the canals below the eggs, that is where we add water.), they also need to be kept at a perfect 100 degrees F.

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